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High-Energy Host & Emcee

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Hosting Mash-up Reel 

"Quite simply the best

on-stage personality

I have ever seen!"

Randy Borden, Event Director 

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Hosting CloneClub fan event for BBC America's "Orphan Black."   Comic Con, San Diego


Interviewing the GOAT, Jerry Rice. 

Private United Airlines event. Levi Stadium

I like to talk. A lot. And, well, I'm really good at it. Then somewhere along the line, I learned that it was a skill and that people would pay me for it!  


Over the past decade, I've made a name for myself as a "go-to" emcee for high-energy live events all around the country. Combining my skills as an actor, director and comedian help me roll with the craziness and unpredictability of live events, yet maintain cool while working with the media. 


I've hosted events for everything from the Olympics and Super Bowl in Times Square, to touring the country as a high-energy kids' host for Pokémon. I’ve hosted events for the sci-fi hits "Orphan Black" and "Doctor Who" at Comic Con San Diego, and emceed international business events for Dell in Round Rock, TX.  Some of the other major companies I have worked for include Microsoft, Nintendo, Wheel of Fortune, BBC America, JC Penney, Target and TED. 

If you live in NYC, you may know me as a regular personality for the New York Road Runners, including emceeing for the New York City Marathon. It is my joy to cheer for you! I am also grateful to add my energy and empathy to high profile charity events such as the MSK Kids Walk, Run 10 Feed 10, and Cycle for Survival. And I absolutely love being a regular host for KidZone TV, at Mt Sinai Childrens' Hospital. Well, it's me and a puppet. ;) 


Basically, I love events for kids, sports and people. So if you want to talk about me talking, let’s talk! 

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