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  Charity Event

  Host & Emcee

"Quite simply the best

on-stage personality

I have ever seen!"

Randy Borden, Event Director 

"Thank you for yesterday!  You were incredible and exactly what we were looking for.  You truly elevated the event and brought a great energy to all aspects of the program."  

"You were amazing. You held and maintained the energy of the whole day. No small task!"

Jenna and Youth INC team

"Hi Tracey,


I couldn’t let the week end without conveying our heartfelt thanks for your continuing to serve as the emcee at the Parkinson’s Unity Walk’s Finish Line. You are the best! To watch you connect so genuinely with our walkers is a sight to behold. That interaction between you and the family whose father died this past year for me represents the soul of our event. The Unity Walk becomes like an extended family. Thank you for all you do to convey your warmth and compassion as our walkers cross the Finish line... " 

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Other places I talk...

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Cycle for Survival, Miami

One of the most important parts of leading any charity event, is understanding that each event is unique, every moment is different, and knowing the proper tone for each. Sometimes we need to laugh, other times we need a hug. And sometimes, we need to embrace the silence. 

It is my privilege to work with charities to help celebrate the joy of coming together and making a difference!


Cycle for Survival emcee. Multiple cities per year, since 2015.

Hosting Mash Up Reel 

Having fun during the rides at Cycle for Survival



Oh my gosh, what a night. You are AMAZING and FANTASTIC and you ran all over that place!  And your sneaky goal of $100,000 – unreal!  I am still stunned, to be honest. It’s really so hard to believe. THANK YOU! You have done so much for RESOLVE, I can’t thank you enough."

Barb Collura

CEO, Resolve


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