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My thin but muscular build lends itself to many fitness and healthy lifestyle ads,

while my comedic sensibilities and improv skills keep me busy in the "hip & quirky" category.


Check back for updates... Coming soon!

My first commercial was for the Buffalo Athletic Club. I had to swim underwater the length of a pool and pop up on my mark, smiling the whole time. It was crazy and challenging and I loved every minute of it. Since then, I've been seen in numerous national network commercials, all over cable, and in countless print ads.  I've gotten the opportunity to do a lot of incredibly fun things, like going to Spain to do the Nestea plunge through a train station floor, been a runner in a Nike commercial, a stylist for Clairol, and done a LOT of yoga in both commercials and print.

Some of the major companies I've worked for include Kodak, Xerox, Fisher Price, Nike, Playtex, Arizona Jeans, Ray-Ban, Office Max, Walmart, GMC, Aquafresh, Dannon, Pandora, and Lowe's. 


As far as favorite products go, I nerd out for office supplies - especially sticky notes and Sharpies!

Oooh, Sharpies...

Full commercial reel will be right here, soon!

In the mean time, my Hosting/Personality Reel

will give you a great insight into my energy. ;) 



Content Creator :

In the age of Covid, I have been self-producing a lot of content! from home. It's my new favorite things. Take a look!

Characters of the Quarantine 



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