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My thin but muscular build lends itself to many fitness and healthy lifestyle ads,

while my comedic sensibilities and improv skills keep me busy in the "hip & quirky" category.


Check back for updates... Coming soon!

My first commercial was for the Buffalo Athletic Club. I had to swim underwater the length of a pool and pop up on my mark, smiling the whole time. It was crazy and challenging and I loved every minute of it. Since then, I've been seen in numerous national network commercials, all over cable, and in countless print ads.  I've gotten the opportunity to do a lot of incredibly fun things, like going to Spain to do the Nestea plunge through a train station floor, been a runner in a Nike commercial, a stylist for Clairol, and done a LOT of yoga in both commercials and print.

Some of the major companies I've worked for include Kodak, Xerox, Fisher Price, Nike, Playtex, Arizona Jeans, Ray-Ban, Office Max, Walmart, GMC, Aquafresh, Dannon, Pandora, and Lowe's. 


With the exception of cigarette ads, I will totally sell your product. Especially if it's for office supplies like Sticky Notes or Sharpies!

Oooh, Sharpies...

Full commercial reel will be right here, soon!

In the mean time, my Hosting/Personality Reel

will give you a great insight into my energy. ;) 




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