Corporate Host

& Personality 

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Think of me as a yellow highlighter marker, and an in-person exclamation point! My skill set is to use my energy to keep people focused and engaged. I love to take an event from spreadsheet, to stage! 

For larger events, I am the red thread. The connective tissue. The wrapping paper and the dotted line. I am the burst of energy that glues an event together and gives it shape.

From outdoor stages in Times Square, to inside America's largest convention centers, and from private power lunches to custom designed game shows, I have done them all!

Companies spend an incredible amount of time and energy planning their events. It is my thrill to help bring them to life! 

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Corporate Events, Red Carpets & Galas 

"Quite simply the best

on-stage personality

I have ever seen!"

Randy Borden, Event Director 


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