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Oh,  Hi! Welcome!

Whether I'm being dramatic, comedic, or just plain chatty - 

I love to use my energy & creativity to connect & inspire.

And oh, how I love to cheer for you!

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When you start a career in the arts, you are often so happy to be working, you take any job offered to you. And then, as your career grows, you begin to discover your artistic voice, and understand what it is you want to say.

I love to use my energy and art to connect. To share. To cheer people on. Playing TREW in the feature dramedy, TREW'S CALLING was a gift to me. This film says everything I want to say as an artist, and it's the role I should have written for myself! 


This clip will give you a great idea of me as an actor, and as a person.


matches your heart...

When your art

SNEAK PEEK of the feature film TREW'S CALLING!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a look around, and let's chat!

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