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Fan Fest


  Fan Fests &    Family Fun!

Major Sporting Events & Fan Fests 

"Tracey! You were brilliant, the dogs bollocks as we say here! So impressed by your energy levels. 

Thank you so much - these things live and die by how good the talent is and you were fabulous!"

Jamie Aitchison 

Director, Aurora Media 

"Thanks you so much for all you do.  You are the voice and soul of the WFF programming.   Special thank you for jumping right in to 2500 children and making up 30 minutes of entertainment on the spot.  It takes a talented soul to do that, and an even more talented soul to do it with a smile."

Matt Stark, Event Director MKTG

"Tracey brings her Saturday energy on a Tuesday."

Matt Erbstein, Event Producer 

"We love that

Tracey magic!"

Jim Striebich, Event Producer


"I honestly can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us at every tour stop! You truly are the biggest reason why each stop was engaging and exciting to everyone that was in the footprint. Your preparation, energy, willingness to go above and beyond your scope and engagement with Team USA fans is second to none! You have represented our brand with the utmost respect! You truly deserve a Gold Medal for what you do!!!


Please consider yourself part of Team USA and the official emcee! I want to continue to work with you in any future events we will do!"

David Giglio, Associate Director Marketing Activation, USOC

Target Merry Mixer, NYC

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.01.29 PM.png

"Oh my gosh, Tracey! We loved everything about you – your energy,  your ability to just run with all the changes to the schedule and your love for Target 😉  You are a Rockstar! 

Thank you so much for making our event a huge success!


Can’t wait to work with you again soon!"


"Quite simply the best

on-stage personality I have ever seen!"

Randy Borden, Event Director 

Even more talking...



Helping to create games and activities at fan events!



SuperBowls, Final Fours, All-Star Events, Championship Weekends, Comic Cons, and Publicity Events!


"Making it work." Give me two talking points and a prize, and I'll invent six hours of activities!


Leaving fans with an experience they will be talking about for years to come!

Email me here! 

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