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Loud Mouth & Mascots

I have the kid gene. Everyone in my family has it. Kids love us. They just do. And I love it!


I have entertained children and families all over the country, touring as Curious George, visited elementary schools as The Cat & The Hat on Read Across America Day, and have been the live event host for Pokémon USA, emceeing events for thousands of screaming fans nationwide!         I am thrilled to have now become a go-to emcee for high energy fan festivals, running games and activities for families before major sporting events including the Super Bowl, NCAA Women's Final Four, and high profile charity events. 


I am currently hosting shows for KidzoneTV at Mt Sinai Children's Hospital, and have recently directed and starred in a short film for families called "Flying Monkeys." (Where once again, I play a monkey.)

It all started when I was in college and a friend needed a mime for a party. Although I has no real "mime experience," I was a theatre major with black and white clothes, so I said "SURE!" And off I went to buy some face paint. The gig went great. People loved my improvisational, interactive style, and Loud Mouth was officially born. One year and several gigs later, Loud Mouth became a mascot for the Buffalo Bisons Triple A baseball team where I spent many a summer dancing on a dugout. Loud Mouth's silliness and ability to engage the fans immediately made the character a crowd favorite. The Buffalo News even named Loud Mouth, "One of the 20 Most Memorable Characters in 20 Years" of Bisons Baseball. 


That "Loud Mouth Energy," as I call it, is at the heart of almost all the other work I do.



See also Hosting Page. ;)

Tracey B Wilson high energy kids host at KidZone TV Mt Sinai Childrens Hospital
Yearly tradition to read to kids as The Cat in the Hat for Read Across America Day.

As the Cat in the Hat reading

Green Eggs & Ham

Hosting Halloween Red Carpet Event 

Loud Mouth at the Buffalo Bisons

A LIttle Mascot Fun

Hosting Pokémon Rocks America Tour

Loud Mouth Improvises with a Fan

AS "Freddie Flashlight"

for Great Safety Adventure 



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