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A documentary about finding your voice, discovering your legacy, and giving birth to your artistic soul.

Thirteen years of video journals become a must-see documentary for any one who has dreamt big. Follow the ups and downs, the hilarity & raw emotion, and be inspired by eternal optimism, as you watch a creative life unfold before your eyes...

“When we focus on what we DO have, instead of what we don’t, life is magical.”


Tracey B. Wilson, Creator

"Breeding Awesome" 

A Documentary - Currently in Edit 



It’s 2005. Tracey B. Wilson, a tenacious & quirky young actress from Buffalo, NY, is now living in Astoria, Queens. After a few years in NYC, she has had some modest successes – small roles on soaps, a handful of national commercials, and a trip around the country playing Curious George. But as her friends back home begin to get married and have babies, she begins to feel frustrated that her life is not progressing as fast. A publicly optimistic person, she decides to privately confess her fears into a video camera. Before YouTube was a thing, and vlogging was even a word, she begins to secretly confide in her video journal, and she doesn’t stop talking for thirteen years.

Through hilarity and heartbreak, we watch an artistic life unfold before our eyes. We experience right along with her, as Tracey evolves from being “just an actress” with a temp job, to having a thriving and eclectic career – adding photographer, filmmaker, director, host and author to her resume. We will cheer as she marries her on-again off-again long-distance boyfriend, and cry as she deals with infertility - searching to create a legacy without children. We will marvel at Tracey’s energy and resiliency, as she learns that joy breeds success, and not the other way around. We witness first hand, as Tracey comes to understand the power of her voice, and discovers not only who she is as an artist, but as a person.



The video everyone's talking about.

"Tracey's Coming Out Party"

"When you focus on what you have, instead of what you don't, life is magical!"

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