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Sharing energy & ideas  

Consulting is the perfect marriage between my business & creative brains. 


Combining my acting, directing, writing and hosting experiences, I have freelanced as an entertainment consultant for many Fortune 500 companies, including Target, Dell, Armani, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and Virgin Mobile.


I have written and directed stage shows for experiential marketing events, helped cast and direct actors, coached talent, and often assisted with the design elements, as well. Often times, because many agencies are aware of my extensive live event hosting experience,  I am brought on to both help elevate the theatricality of an entire event, and host/emcee as well. 


On my first big gig, I was hired to produce an event at the Digital Life convention at the Javits Center.  Having only six days to hire five actors to portray "Alyx Vance" from Half-Life 2, make the costumes, and train the actors to move as if they were in a video game, the event was so successful they were immediately booked for more!  To get a sense of the scope of events I have worked on, please check out the X-BOX event below.


If you want to brainstorm, let me know!







X-Box One, Day One. For this event, I assisted in the casting and directing of the zombies and Roman soldiers you see in the NYC shots, as well as helping to source their wardrobe. I also emceed the live event at the Best Buy Theatre, Times Square.  IT. WAS. AMAZING!

Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2. Animated, and in person.

Coming Soon!

TargetStyle. Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles. 

Director, Consultant, Writer. 

Directing Zanna Roberts Rassi (Project Runway, Marie Claire Fashion Editor, E!)

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