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Tracey B. Wilson: Breeding Awesome

"It can be hard to create a life, especially your own."

Every hustling artist learns to live with the question, "How long are you gonna give it?" But when infertility changes the question to "Why don't you just adopt?" an actress is forced to confront her ideas of identity and legacy. What becomes of a creator who can't create?

An adult coming-of-age story, Breeding Awesome is edited from 18 years of private video journals and verité footage. Experience one person's emotional journey to manifest the best life possible. 

It is Bo Burnham's solo film INSIDE, mixed with the experimental doc TARNATION, and the heart and joy of Pixar's INSIDE OUT.  People will begin BREEDING AWESOME wondering "Who is Tracey?" and end the film asking, "Who am I?" 

(currently in post production)


The video everyone's talking about.

"Tracey's Coming Out Party"

"When you focus on what you have, instead of what you don't, life is magical!"

To learn more, email me here! 

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