My Documentary

Fifteen years of video journals become a hilarious & heartbreaking

documentary about finding your voice & creating your legacy. 

In 2005, Tracey B. Wilson, is a tenacious & quirky young actress from Buffalo, NY, living in Astoria, Queens. After a few years in NYC, she has had some modest successes – small roles on the soaps, a handful of national commercials, and a trip around the country playing Curious George. But as her friends begin to get married and have kids, she starts to feel frustrated that her life is not progressing as quickly. She gets tired of being labeled a “struggling actor,” and feeling like she is “less than” because doesn’t have a baby.


A publicly optimistic person, Tracey decides to privately confess her fears into a video camera. Before YouTube was a thing, and vlogging was even a word, she begins to secretly confide in her video journals, and she hasn’t stopped talking for fifteen years.  


What was originally to be a web series, is now becoming a documentary feature. Here's a look at the first version, as we edit our new trailer. 

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The video everyone's talking about.

"Tracey's Coming Out Party"

"When you focus on what you have, instead of what you don't, life is magical!"

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